Regent University School of Law Practicum in Technology

Regent University School of Law recently held a Technological Competence in the Law course for their advanced law students. In addition to its core legal classes, Regent Law's Integrated Lawyer Training provides its students with practical instruction regarding the business of law. Students graduating from this institution leave with not only a solid knowledge of the law, but also with the practical skills they will need to be successful in the legal workforce.

This 8 hour course was divided into 5 topics focused on how attorneys utilize the full spectrum of available technology to benefit their law practice. Mode5 President, Luke Downing, was invited to co-present the session, Leveraging Technology to Manage a Successful Law Practice and Protect Client Information, by Ryan Snow, Managing Partner of Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, PLC. This powerful team of presenters brought to the table for the students the “nuts and bolts” of technology in the legal workplace. Snow focused on utilization of technology from the perspective of effective law practice management.

Downing provided the technical foundation for understanding the components of and options for effective and compliant technology solutions. The objective of the session was to provide a rounded knowledge base for the students to leverage technology to better serve clients, improve security, safeguard from disasters, improve productivity and/or decrease cost, and improve communication in their practice.

Snow and Downing covered “10 Keys to Leverage Technology” ranging from regulations to networks to risks. Their class was particularly pertinent to the students graduating in 2016, due to the recent American Bar Association directives and new rules imposed March 1, 2016 by the Virginia Supreme Court. The new rules address attorneys' responsibility to protect their clients' confidential information and to ensure they can operate their practice technology safely and securely.

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