With Mode5's WebDesk, You Can Keep Working Even When Your Computer is Not

One of the big advantages of Mode5's WebDesk, is that even when your computer is not working, you still can.

This week we lost the motherboard in one our beautiful Mac Air notebooks. A few years ago this could have meant hours of downtime. But now, we can just keep on working.

With Mode5, our line of business applications, email, and files are all stored in the cloud (or what we IT folks refer to as the data center).

So if and when a computer fails, we can simply grab a spare laptop, PC, or even a tablet or phone and go right back to work.

Our WebDesk is a cloud computing portal so you can access your cloud line of business applications, Microsoft Office, cloud email, and cloud files from anywhere and any device. Your WebDesk remains the same regardless of where you access it from so you can keep on going.

In this day and age we have to be more productive than ever. Mode5 can keep you working so you can stay ahead of the pack.


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