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1. Our Vision. 

Every individual has personal values. Every organization has values too. The key to successful employee/business relationships is to make sure that the individual’s personal values and belief system is in sync with the organization’s core values. Mode5 is guided by five core values: Service – Put people first; Integrity- Do it right; Innovation- Do it better; Commitment- Be the best, be honest, and be accountable; Growth- Help more people by working together toward personal and organizational growth. If you share these values, then you’ll find your place with us.

2. People Come First. Learn from Each Other. 

People make organizations successful. Mode5 encourages our team members and clients to align with the free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, and the understanding that everyone has something to contribute. Remember, you will always have something to learn from those around you. Others may have strengths different than yours. Mode5 team members learn and utilize each other’s strengths for the common goal of the team. We believe that trust, respect, and recognition are only words until they are applied within the team.


3. Your First Day is About YOU. Ready Yourself for Tomorrow. 

Whether you join us as a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, we recognize the first few days are critical for you.  You are learning our culture, connecting to teammates, finding your place, and immersing yourself in details of your new job. At Mode5, we begin your first day in a focused and formal on-boarding session to ensure your smooth transition. Your success begins with your energy. Mode5 will build on that energy.  We encourage every team member to continue to prioritize, to challenge themselves, to become accountable to create, and then follow their “individual” personal development plan. Our industry is always changing.  Mode5 team members keep pace with those changes and are prepared to meet the next challenge with excitement and confidence.


4. Forget the Notion of the "Typical Day". 

Every day clients and internal customers provide a variety of challenges that require new and more efficient IT solutions to meet their needs. Whether you are working on a project for a current client or working on a proposal to gain a new client, everything you do will build your knowledge base and encourage creativity. What is a “typical request” for most in the business, Mode5 team members recognize as special and unique to each of our clients.

5. Strike a Balance that Works for You. 

You’re human—and so are we! We strive to make sure our employees achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance. We do our part by providing competitive paid time off, casual attire, unconventional perks, and other employee benefits. We expect our team to work hard, and they do. We also expect them to make their families and their life outside of work a priority.  Mode5 team members focus on “striking a balance” to align the values in their personal and business lives.

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